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Who we are

We are Triathlon World Champions balancing family, racing, and training with grit and grace. We are constantly striving to be the best versions of ourselves with as much love and humor as needed. We pull inspiration from each other and look forward to not only sharing our story but hearing more about what inspires you.

Timothy O'Donnell

World Champion Triathlete

Mirinda Carfrae

4x World Champion

Benefit from data-optimized training.

We use TriDot for data-optimized triathlon training. TriDot is technology doing what tech does best — analyzing data — so that we can focus on what we do best: working with athletes.

Coaching Options

Level I.

Community Coaching

For athletes who want a detailed training plan and want to be part of the Salty Bears community.


Level II.

Individual Coaching

For athletes who want to be part of the Salty Bears community but want a dedicated 1:1 coach.


Level III & IV.

1:1 with Tim / Rinny

For athletes who want 1:1 coaching with Tim or Rinny and all the benefits of the Salty Bears Community.


The Tim & Rinny Show

Catch more Salty Bears content on our YouTube Channel.

Live greatly.

We know that with the right information, tools and support, we can each expand what's possible for ourselves and our lives. Check out some of our favorite resources from our sponsors, or get your own Salty Bears swag from our store.

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